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Jade face roller

  • Dhs. 125.00

A Jade Face Roller is an incredible tool to assist in enhancing the effectiveness of your beauty routine, promoting circulation and encouraging skin cell rejuvenation. Whilst also gently stimulating the lymphatic system to combat puffiness and water retention on the face and neck.

Jade is the stone to install confidence, calms the nervous system and promotes healing. Good vibes only allowed.

Your face roller is not just a modern-day tool for skincare application, it has been used for over a thousand years to promote skin health, elasticity, skin tone and brightness giving your skin an amazing glow. It is also the perfect way to treat yourself to a massage and boost infiltration of your serum or oil into the skin.

How to use

Apply a serum or Oil to your clean and dry face, neck and décolletage. Using the wide end of the roller, starting at the jawline, massage in an outward direction to assist with puffiness across the face, neck décolletage. Use the narrow end around the eye area to massage in your eye cream/serum to the upper brow bone and under eye area. To assist with drainage & puffiness always use roller in an outward direction.

Tips + Tricks: Clean your roller by gently wiping down with a warm wet cloth and keep out of sunlight.

This Product is non-returnable for hygiene reasons