Buddy scrub

Luxe Himalayan Pink Salt Body Scrub

  • Dhs. 135.00

All natural, vegan friendly and cruelty free
Premium, luxe ingredients
Exfoliate, nourish and moisturise your skin with superfoods and skin loving ingredients
Organic, natural and quality sourced ingredients from around Australia & Overseas

No Sulphates, No Parabens, No Synthetic Ingredients, No Harsh Detergents, No Mineral Oils, No PEGs, No EDTA.
Smells like pink grapefruit.

How to use

Start off by getting a little bit wet. Cover your body with the scrub and rub in a circular motion. Add additional water to your skin to dilute as needed, then rinse.

**Buddy tip** “Don’t let water get inside the jar. Use a spoon and bowl or dry your hands before taking a dip in my jar. Please make sure to seal after use and keep in a cool, dry place (below 25°C/77°F)”