Ocean Mist 150ml

  • Dhs. 125.00

A mix between a hairspray and a salt water styling spray, this adds grip and texture to hold your style without looking too 'done'. Get that tousled, 'just rocked in from a day at the beach look' without having to compromise on style - perfect for achieving the ever fashionable 'messy' up do. This works on all hair types but is best loved by those with thinner hair because it bulks it up with a cool, matte finish.


Use on clean, wet or dry hair. Spritz a medium amount into your hair and then either blow dry scrunching as you go, or air dry with the same movement. If your hair is longer, wait until it's almost dry and then twist it into a low bun for an hour or so. When you pull it out you'll get that Gisele beachy look.