Patchology Mistle toes Kit

  • Dhs. 142.00

Uniting the brand's PoshPeel PediCure and Best Foot Forward Softening Foot Mask, this duo of skin-softening and not only brightens but exfoliates rough patches and dissolves dead skin cells to slowly reveal incredibly soft and happy feet. 

Perfect for prepping your feet ahead of the festive season and a host of events - or - the perfect way to bound yourself to your favourite comfy corner with a box of chocolates this festive season, Patchology's MistleToes ensures your toes will feel ultra-soft and oh-so pampered post-treatment. Patchology’s PoshPeel PediCure features a potent AHA and BHA botanical blend of glycolic, salicylic, lactic and citric acids as well as botanical extracts, to not only brighten but exfoliate rough patches and dissolve dead skin cells to slowly reveal incredibly soft and happy feet. Simply pour this potent cocktail of ingredients into the sock and sit back for 60 – 90 minutes and let patchology’s Activating Essence do all the hard work. Over three to seven days your feet will progressively peel to reveal baby-soft feet, free of rough patches and calluses. Meanwhile, the Best Foot Forward Softening Foot Mask is designed to nourish and condition your feet and heels, this intensive softening masks gives you sandal-ready feet all year round. Easy to neglect but quick to make you regret it, even our feet need a little attention. Self-warming and softening, this mask uses the same technology as space blankets, locking in your natural body heat to allow the coconut-infused formula to better penetrate skin and give some TLC to your toes and all.


X1 Posh Peel & X1 Best foot forward